Why Serious Fashionistas Are All Signing up to Fashion Forums


You see them all the time at the clubs, on the street, at restaurants; Fashionistas who look nothing short of on-point. What you also likely notice is that they seem to be wearing items which you haven’t even seen in the catalogs yet! But, how?!

They’re called online fashion forums. And if you’re interested to know how those people are wearing the clothes they are, keep reading.

Online forums made their debut close to the birth of the internet, where they became an easy way for groups of people to comment and reply to comments on shared topics. This was well before the birth of social media platforms as you know them.

In place of fancy graphics and clickable icons and hashtags, forums provide a plain text space only. This could be argued as the primary reason why forums lost their popularity when juggernauts like MySpace and Facebook came onto the scene.

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However, this isn’t to say that they lost their purpose. Quite the opposite, in fact. As the masses flocked to new platforms, forums became the place for hardcore fans of almost any product or topic to share and discuss their ideas away from the average consumer. As elitist as this sounds, users would prefer to call themselves Prosumers.

Now, before you think that these sites are going to full of geeks, know that there are forums available to those who enjoy fashion. That’s right, not just nerdy teenagers talking about the latest video game, but actual Fashionistas!

Given the small footprint of fashionistas which roam these forums, online design houses can use them to test out new products and to provide details of sample sales. The small number of people means that brands receive less, however, more thorough and potentially even more targeted feedback.

That’s right! Those elusive sample sales that you hear so much about but always wondered how people found out about them! By simply providing a time and a place at short notice on a fashion forum, designers can make sure their sample wares get to the people who want it the most, and also avoid misbranding their image by publicly advertising a sale on items that may never make it intro production.

Of course, brands aren’t the only people who advertise on these forums. There are many fashion lovers like yourself who spend their days looking for discounts or browsing the Groupon Coupons page for Johnston & Murphy in search of new deals. And do you know where they can post this information to help others like themselves? You guessed it! Online fashion forums.

Suddenly, your perception of online forums has changed, and you are likely seeing the benefits of browsing such places. If you are looking to get the inside scoop, it’s obvious that online fashion forums can be one way to do it. However, just like all online community spaces, always be vigilant as you browse and never disclose your personal information. Online forums are very public and can be easily indexed by search engines.

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