Historic theater in Chicago gets Sci-Fi infused reboot


Press Communication:

Opened in the 1920’s, few places in history have had the impact on culture and entertainment like the Avalon Regal Theater. Located in the heart of Chicago, it has played host to acts like Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston and many others. Today this landmark is also one of Chicago’s most endangered. That’s why we’ve taken up the torch to save this historic treasure.

We’re bringing the Avalon Regal Theater back to the future with the help of Hologram USA. Hologram technology is revolutionizing how people go to concerts, by bringing fans of today ‘face-to-face’ with iconic stars of yesterday – revisiting performances that would have been lost forever. This Sci-Fi infused installation will help restore this near century old building to its past glory and once again inspire a community through art, music, entertainment and passion.


The Avalon Regal Theater will be the foundation of a community building effort, serving as a home base for neighborhood non-profits focused on music, dance and theater. Productions sponsored by the Chicago Regal Foundation in the performing arts and film, as well as regular collaborative presentations will round out the programming mix. The Avalon Regal Theater will serve as a community anchor by strengthening existing cultural institutions, creating economic development, and inspiring youth creativity.

If you’re ever in Chicago, please feel free to stop by. I know you will be amazed!

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